Year of the Establishment

  • 1976

Dean of the Faculty

  • Prof. Ravi Prakash Pandey
  • Mob : 9415304344
  • Email : ravisociology@rediffmail.com

About Us

  • The faculty brings under one umbrella the many disparate services available to students. This division offers a focal point for a variety of student centered services. It assists the students liberally in matters requiring help and guidance and in particular to help and advise students in �
  • 1. Obtaining admission to the University and its courses.
  • 2. Choosing of suitable courses and hobbies.
  • 3. Obtaining medical advise and assistance.
  • 4. Securing scholarships, stipends, part-time employment and other assistance.
  • 5. Obtaining travel facility for educational excursions.
  • 6. Securing facilities for further studies abroad.
  • 7. Conducting themselves in proper pursuit of academic studies as to maintain the tradition of University.
  • 8. Counseling, careers, financial assistance, student representation.
  • 9. Organizing debates, seminars, essay competitions, youth festivals for developing intellectual faculty and morality.
  • 10. Their overall academic and professional skill development.

Facility Provided to the Students

  • 1 Free medical aid to the students.
  • 2. Travel concessions for educational excursions.
  • 3. Provision of appropriate counseling, guidance, recreational and social facilities.
  • 4. Ensuring that student facilities are safe, clean and comfortable.
  • 5. Collaboration with all campus constituencies to continuously enhance the educational, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well being of students.

Assistant Deans

S.No. Name Dean/Assistant Dean Faculty/Department/Institute Mobile No.
01 Prof. Ravi Prakash Pandey Dean Department of Sociology 9415304344
02 Dr. Nimisha Gupta Assistant Dean Department of Social Work 9450013962
03 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra Assistant Dean Department of Philosophy 9415646607
04 Dr. Rajendra Singh Assistant Dean Department of Psychology 9453637056
05 Dr. Raman Pant Assistant Dean Department of Statistics 7007875994
06 Dr. Akhilesh Chandra Yadav Assistant Dean Department of Mathematics 9452274067
07 Dr. Nandini Singh Assistant Dean Department of Philosophy 9453037993
08 Dr. Nisha Singhh Assistant Dean Department of English 9451823221
09 Dr. Jaya Kumari Aryan Assistant Dean Department of History 9453361867
10 Dr. Krishna Kumar Singh Assistant Dean Department of Social Work 9450592696
11 Dr. Vijay Kumar Ranjan Assistant Dean Department of Hindi 9473705270
12 Ms. Bharati Kureel Assistant Dean Department of Social Work 9026566922
13 Dr. Sunil Kumar Vishwakarma Assistant Dean Department of Fine Arts 9935409805
14 Dr. Surendra Pratap Singh Assistant Dean Department of Hindi 9532921835

Non-Teaching Staff

S.No. Name Designation Mobile No.
01 Sri. Surendra Narayan Singh Office Assistant 9616885164
02 Sri. Satish Kumar Rai Office Assistant 9452155433
03 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra Office Assistant 9454762974
04 Mr. Jai Prakash Peon -
05 Mrs. Vijai Laxmi Devi Peon -
06 Mrs. Patti Devi Peon -

Future Mission:

  • To provide an enabling environment which aims at quality student services and provides a range of learning, social, cultural, health and recreational opportunities that facilitate full realization of students potential for academic and personal growth. We are committed to promoting a diverse learning and living environment in which students, faculty, and staff respect one another and share a belief in the value of education and the power of ideas and above all advocating for students� needs, facilitative student involvement in governance and student life and encourage students to accept responsibilities of membership in a campus/academic community.

Postal Address

  • Dean
  • Faculty of Student Welfare
  • Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi-221002
  • U.P.(India)