BHARAT MATA MANDIR(Mother India Temple)

  • The Bharat Mata Temple is located at the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith campus, Varanasi and dedicated to the Bharat Mata (Mother India). It was constructed by the Babu Shiv Prasad Gupt and inaugurated by the Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1936.
  • The statue of the Mother India is made up of the marble and looks like a model which symbolizes the entire India, represents mountain, plains and oceans of the India. The Bharat Mata temple does not have a traditional statue of Gods or Goddess but it has a real map of the Mother India.

Importance of the Bharat Mata Temple

  • Bharat Mata Temple is a unique, has an attractive and huge map of the Mother India on the ground denoting the statue of Mother of India. The statue has inimitable design which indicates the Goddess of India for all the religious deities, freedom fighters and leaders. The temple is a kind of admiration to all those who take part in the formation of India as it was built before the partition of the India.

Time to Visit the Bharat Mata Temple

  • Bharat Mata Temple opens at 9.30 am in the morning and closes at 8.00 pm in the evening. You can visit in any season.

How to Reach the Bharat Mata Temple

  • Bharat Mata Temple is located at 1 KM distance from the Cantt, Varanasi, 2 KM distance from the Roadways Bus Stand, Varanasi & 8 KM distance from the BHU. You can easily reach the Temple by taking the Rickshaw/Auto Rickshaw from Varanasi Railway Station or Bus Stand, it will take only 10-15 minutes to reach there.


  • The Gandhi Adhyayanpith is one of the major department of the well known University Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi , India. It was founded in 1994, under the auspices of the faculty of Social Work, to mark the 125th Birth Anniversary of the father of Nation. Its prime aim are to develop awareness and understanding of and to promote the ideology and activity of Mahatma Gandhi by providing academic and practical training coerces to the students, research facility to the research scholars and Social Workers and to act as an International center for advance studies and to work actively for the betterment of Society.